vCloud Director control panel

All basic operations with a virtual data center can be performed through the lite-panel, built in yout Personal Account.
For advanced settings, use the full-featured VMware vCloud Director panel.
All changes done in one panel are transferred to another in full, and you will not lose any settings.
Guides and detailed manuals you will find in the FAQ .

Available operations Personal Account BillManager vCloud Director panel
Working with virtual machines
Create a virtual machine from a template
Power on/off/restart/delete a VM
Working with web-console of virtual machine  
Create a virtual machine from scratch and install your own OS from an ISO image  
Network Settings
Connect a virtual machine to the internet
Set up a local network (Org VDC network)  
Set up a vApp network  
Firewall settings  
Load Balancer  
Set up VPN  
DHCP settings  
NAT settings  
Configure access via RDP and SSH  
Working with Templates
Export/import virtual machine templates  
Import ISO images  
Create template catalogs  
Order additional services
Windows Server license  
Install ОS  
Additional IP  
Extended internet bandwidth  
Starter 3 1 vCPU | 1 GB RAM | 50 GB SSD