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Virtualization Technology

5.9 $ per month5 $ per monthSaving: 21.27 $
VDS CMS 1CPU1x2,2 GHzRAM1 GBSSD30-80 GB*Wordpress
5.72 $ per month5 $ per monthSaving: 20.61 $
VDS CMS 2CPU1x2,2 GHzRAM2 GBSSD30-80 GB*Wordpress
10.25 $ per month8 $ per monthSaving: 36.86 $
VDS CMS 3CPU2x2,2 GHzRAM2 GBSSD30-160 GB*Wordpress
13.06 $ per month10 $ per monthSaving: 47.00 $
VDS CMS 4CPU2x2,2 GHzRAM4 GBSSD30-160 GB*Wordpress
18.73 $ per month14 $ per monthSaving: 67.38 $
VDS CMS 5CPU4x2,2 GHzRAM8 GBSSD30-500 GB*Wordpress
35.7 $ per month25 $ per monthSaving: 128.54 $
Free for
any tariff
  • External IP
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Ready server templates with Ubuntu and CentOS
  • Technical support
  • SLA 99,95%
  • DNS-hosting 1 domain zone

You can order Backup service in your Personal Account.

Our data-center NORD-3 Tier III

Why us?

All the features of the global leader in virtualization software development available in just a few clicks.
Our equipment is located in Tier III level data center with fault-tolerant dedicated power supply system and communication channels.
99.95% uptime and other quality parameters that you can control.
Find the payment method that suits you. Pay from one account as a private individual or legal entity.
We are the leading Premier-partner of VMware in Russia.
Tariff 1 1 vCPU | 1 GB RAM | 30-80 GB SSD


What is the bandwidth of the channel?

Each virtual server is connected to a guaranteed speed of 10 Mbit/sec. Traffic is unlimited and free of charge.

Which type of virtualization do you use?

The CloudLITE cloud is built on VMware virtualization.

Where is the server located?

All the equipment is housed in our own DataLine NORD-3 data center in Moscow. The engineering and telecommunications infrastructure of the data center is dedicated and corresponds to Tier III.

What sort of equipment is used?

CloudLITE is based on:

  • 4-socket Huawei FusionServer RH5885 V3 servers based on Intel Xeon E7 CPUs and each server has 4 high-performance 10G Ethernet interfaces.
  • High-performance 10G Cisco Nexus switches.
What is the guaranteed uptime?

All our services are provided with detailed SLA. We guarantee 99.95% uptime and other service parameters. This means that downtime does not exceed 4.38 hours per year or 21.56 minutes a month.