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What is the ISPmanager panel?

What is the ISPmanager panel?

ISPmanager 5 LITE hosting panel is a universal tool that will help you to configure and administer your web server, system domain names, mail service, databases, and manage users.

The main features and technical guides:

Account management. Create users with different access rights (administrators, users, FTP-users) and resource limits (drive, domains, mailboxes and so on).

Add domains. Add, configure, and manage domains belonging to web-servers, email domains settings and DNS.

Configure the web-server. Manage SSL certificates for secure connection, install popularweb-scripts from the catalog on your web-domains, set necessary PHP parameters and manage PHP, PERL, Python extensions.

Spam Filter. Manage the list of hosts in this entry that you wish to accept mail from, manage blacklists to reduce spam.

Backup. Create various plans to perform a backup of the server data and manage locates for backup copies.

Tools. Execute commands without direct ssh-connection, reboot server, manage multiple MySQL and PostgreSQL databases, users, access permissions, import of users from various sources, use shell access the server from the web-interface.

Statistics. Monitor your server status, resource consumption, active connections, performed operations and access log.

System. Manage all files on server's file system, configure the network services, ports / protocols used by each service.

System status. Monitor tasks that are currently executed in the system, current connections to the control panel, track issues encountered by the control panel and resolve them.

Settings. Control access to certain features of the panel, database server settings, the brand, your profile.

Help. Access to ISPmanager documentation, view information about feature requests and vote for ones you need, ISPmanager community.

More guides and manuals are available here.