VMware cloud services provider

How to order Windows/Linux virtual server?

How to order Windows/Linux virtual server?

1. On the page Linux virtual server or Windows virtual server choose a triff.

2. Sign up or log in.

3.  A verification code will be sent to your phone. Type it into the Verification Code field and click OK.
Confirm your email by following  the link in Account Activation email. 

4. Name your server and choose OS, HDD capacity.

For Linux virtual server you can install ISPmanager LITE 5 hosting panel.

Click Add to Cart.

4. Confirm your order and click Pay. Follow the instructions on the screen.

5. After the payment is made the server will be created. Usually it takes a few minutes.

6. To manage the virtual server, go to My Servers page.

Here you can:

  • Start/stop  server
  • Edit server settings (HDD capacity, password)
  • Enter web console
  • Change the tariff
  • Order new servers (Order)