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Will I pay less when I stop my server?

Will I pay less when I stop my server?

If you only need your Windows/Linux server for a few hours a day, you can turn it off and pay less.

When your server is stopped you will be charged only for:

  • HDD and memory as they are fully dedicated to your server.
  • Activated licenses as they are payable monthly.

vCPU will not be charged.

For example, you have chosen Tariff 1 of Linux virtual server to use it only 8hours a day 5 days a week. It turns out that instead of $5,9, you will pay only $ 3,9p. per month, and you can save 34%.
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1. To turn off the server go to My Servers page in your Personal Account.

2. Select the required server and click Stop. To start the server again click Start.