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How to add a domain and records?

How to add a domain and records?

1. Make sure that you have activated DNS hosting service. You can check this in your Personal Account on DNS hosting page. If the service is not activeated, then order here.

2. Click To panel and you will get to a control panel to manage DNS records.

3. On the main page click Add a New Domain.

4. Choose domain type (Master), type in the domain name, IP-address of your Linux/Windows cirtual data center or virtual data center (look it up in your Personal Accont). Click OK.

5. To add news records click Records.

6. When you add a domain, standard (A and MX-) and service (NS, SOA) records are automatically created. For a new record (for example, third-level domain), click Add.

7. Name it, choose record type and IP-address that should correspond to this record. Click OK.

You can add all records except for PTR (How to add a PTR-record?).
DNAME and AAAA-records are not supported.

8. To manage your records highlight the required record and choose one of options on the control panel.