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How to log in to virtual machine via RDP (VDC)?

How to log in to virtual machine via RDP (VDC)?

To configure access via RDP you need to open port 3389 through NAT (create a DNAT rule). This can be done in the advanced VMware vCloud Director control panel.

1. Go to the VMware vCloud Director control panel from the dashboard.

2. Go to the Administration section, and double-click on your virtual data center. In the settings menu, go to the Edge Gateways tab. Select the required Edge and right-click on it. Select Edge Gateway Services.

3. In the pop-up window, open the NAT tab and click on Add DNAT.

4. In the new window

· In the field Applied on specify the external network (not the network level of the organization!);

· In the Description field specify the description of the DNAT rule;

· In the Original (External) IP/range field specify the external address (the address of the tab Sub-Allocate IP Pools);

· In the Protocol field specify the protocol;

· In the Port field - 3389;

· In the Translated (Internal) IP range field, specify the internal IP-address of the virtual machine, such as

Click on OK.