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How does CloudLITE charge your account?

How does CloudLITE charge your account?

1. Linux and Windows Virtual Server.

Your account is charged 1 time a day/ The amount of money charged depends on the number of hours during which your server was on and off (for inactive server you pay less). The first day of working with the server your are charged for 24 hours fully. 
2. Virtual Data Center, backup

Funds for the services used are charged from your account on a daily basis.

3. Windows License (for Virtual Data Cente), DNS-hosting.

Funds are charged fully once per month.

The funds are chargedfrom your account automatically, providing there are funds available. You can view your account activity and add funds in a convenient way in your Personal Account in Billing– Expences page.

Your balance is always displayed in the top right corner of your Personal Account.