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What is a Service Level Agreement (SLA)?

What is a Service Level Agreement (SLA)?

A SLA or Service Level Agreement is a document in which the provider commits to deliver certain quality of the service. If the service provider breaches the agreed parameters, and this is confirmed by the provider statistics, the client is entitled to apply for compensation in the form of the free use of the service for a certain period of time. The SLA is a mandatory attachment to the contract.

The main parameters in the SLA are:

  • Availability (uptime)- 99.95% per year, i.e.dowtimes cannot exceed 4.38 hours per year.
  • Performance of the CPU and HDD subsystem.
  • Ticket response and resolution time.
  • Fines in the event of unforeseen disruptions of the service.

You can learn more about the terms of the SLA for each service here.

How is SLA breach recorded?

To record  SLA breach, you need to contact technical support via your Personal Accont or send an email to techsupport@cloudlite.ru and report the problem. If CloudLITE monitoring data confirms the SLA breach, it will be recorded.

How do we compensate SLA breach?

Compensation for SLA breach  is provided in the form of additional days/months of service in use and can not be paid in a cash equivalent, or credited to an external customer's account.