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How to create virtual machine from a template?

How to create virtual machine from a template?

Step 1. Click on the icon Create a Virtual Machine on the homepage of your Personal Account, or go to the Virtual Machines page in Virtual data center section.

Step 2. Select the desired template from the Template vApp list.

  1. Name vApp and virtual machine.
  2. Set a password. For customized templates (Windows, CentOS, RHEL, Ubuntu, LAMP, Drupal, Joomla, Bitrix) you can enter password manually or use auto-generation. For non-customized templates (Debian, Fedora, FreeBSD) the password field remains blank. To view your password, select the machine and click on Edit in the control panel.
  3. Set the necessary parameters of the drive, memory, CPUs (starting from Standard 1 tariff).
  4. Click  OK.

NB: If you alter defualt HDD capacity of the template, then after creating the virtual machine you have to manually change the HDD size inside the OS.

STEP 3: Select the desired virtual machine and click on the required option on the panel:

  • Start
  • Restart
  • Edit
  • Web-console access
  • Go to VMware vCloud Director control panel to fine tune the virtual data center
  • Order a backup for a particular virtual machine,
  • Order a Windows license if you have deployed a virtual machine with the appropriate OS.

In vCloud Director control panel you can:

All changes made in vCloud Director panel (new networks, virtual machines) are displayed in your Personal Account.